Born at the heart of London from an insanely passionate and lively team of Top-class Chartered Marketers and Strategists, we are on a mission to help Brands get famous by tapping into the power of Intelligent Digital Marketing Communications. Having worked with a wide range of businesses in Entertainment, Luxury Cosmetics & Fashion, Lifestyle and Technology worldwide, we have always put our heart and soul into combining Creativity and Intelligence, delivering outstanding results. We’re constantly aligning ourselves to our individual clients’ goals and priorities, becoming essentially an effective extension of their company.

Flexible, autonomous and accountable, we spread our wings globally, supporting our clients on their way to “fame” by offering the full range of services to enable and accelerate a powerful growth: Digital Marketing & Branding Strategy Consulting, Omnichannel Marketing & Automation, Social Media Marketing & Management as well as Media Production (Photo, Video and Web).

Whether it is only support for building a powerful Marketing Strategy, or full campaign management for one or more channels (Social, Digital, Email, Web or Push) we are excited to jump in and start together a rewarding and impactful journey for your brand.

We have recently established our new offices in Romania too, together with launching our new local website. If you're local and want to have a look, check us out at

Otherwise, explore our services on our Marketiu Global website:




Marketing is an essential “piece” from your company’s puzzle, and having each of its components optimised perfectly is one of the top influencing factors in increasing your bottom line. Let us know your objectives and prepare to be surprised of how much more you can gain from your current marketing spend! We'll help you define the best strategies for each channel, optimise the budget allocation and planning, as well as communications strategy - all tailored around your ideal customers, so you can be sure to have a modern and highly effective system, driving growth, increasing brand resonance and acquiring new customers.



The quality of your Marketing Materials is a direct representation of the expected quality of work for your clients, by your client. Our studio of passionate creators and media artists are here to support your branding from an all-round perspective producing state-of-the-art results.

From Website & Mobile App Design and Development to Graphic, Video, Photo or Audio Media Production, we can help you achieve excellence at the best prices on the market - so you can grow faster and help customers fall in love with you from the first moments. 



The future of Digital Marketing lies in the ability of fully understanding your individual customers and designing bespoke messages delivered through the right channel, at the right time - enhancing the dialogue and deepen the relationship with every interaction. Apart from high targeting and personalisation, to increase the effectiveness of your budget, Marketing automation is opening new doors for enhancing your communications effectivity, erase risk of human mistakes from the processes and never again miss a new customer.

See the most effective, modern ways of driving sales, as well as understanding customer behaviour and increase lifetime value below.

Want to find out more about Marketiu? Visit our website below or write us at with your questions, and we'll be happy to answer them all!




Cogs Bar Birmingham

As a place with various events and targets, a coherent and adequate marketing strategy is crucial. Marketiu have been very helpful and professional in this sense and helped us with our events by targeting the perfect audience, successfully optimising and distributing our digital marketing campaigns.




Write me and let me know what you struggle with - no strings attached! We'll be happy to offer a free consultation with Marketiu.


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